One Year Later

Last year, I got admitted to and accepted an offer to start a Masters degree in Global Human Development, and during the summer prior to leaving Jeddah to start a new chapter of my life in the States, I decided to make the last moments of myself in this place, the one I call home, as memorable as possible. Meeting new people, connecting with old friends, exploring new places in town and going on adventures were part of my daily routine. I wanted Jeddah to remember me, as I want to remember it: authentic, lively, beautiful and loud. 

And by the time I left Jeddah, I was intoxicated with its beauty, stimulated from its people and overwhelmed by its culture. No other could be called my home.

I’ve learned a lot in the last 9 months of living independently in the States, what it means to be truly independent as well as the importance of interdependence and responsibility. Through the interacting with my peers there, I learned to let go of things that used to get me worked up, and which I now see as trivial and “not worth it”.

In fact, as more time passed by, I started becoming less and less worked up by human interactions. I’m not apathetic but I’ve clearly taken a step in that direction. And when I came to realize my indifference I was not bothered by it.

Coming back to Jeddah for a few weeks, catching up with all the friends I made throughout the years, having the same conversations after we had all grown from last year, I realized one thing. I have a long way to go. There is still so much of life to live, so much maturity and wisdom to be gained, so much love to give, so many ideas to create. 

The causes I had been adamant about working towards are no longer what keep me up at night, and I feel that I have yet to experience many more natural human experiences before I can say that I get it, I get what life is about and what I should strive for.

And with those thoughts, I start my summer, ready to embark on a new adventure and journey of love, knowledge, passion and simply put “life”.



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