What’s been going on 2.0

I have some exciting news! After a long procedure of admission; applications, interviews and whatnot, I’ve finally been offered a place of admission in Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service’s Global Human Development Masters program. I’m so excited as GU’s SFS graduate school has been ranked number one in international affairs according to Foreign Policy’s 2012 list of top ten international affairs Masters program’s.
This will be a new chapter, interesting turn in my life and a huge step for my career plans.
A new life awaits me. As scary as it is exciting.
I will miss my family and my friends (all of whom have promised to visit) and I will miss the financial comfort of living in Saudi Arabia.
Spending the last 12 years here have spoiled me, but I’ve also missed out on so many things this new chapter of my life will entail.
True independence, not just financially, but especially psychologically. I’ll have to make my own decisions and be entirely responsible for them (which I realise most people my age around the world are), but living in this financial comfort and in my parents home has kept me from making any economic mistakes thus not learning from them.
I’m excited about the people I will meet, the friendships I will make, the connections I will have.
I’m super thrilled about the degree I’ll be taking! To be able to work with international organisations focused in development of mankind has been a life goal for me, and now I will be able to take real steps in that direction.
The academic political literature that I will be exposed to, the prominent faculty members whom will mentor me, the internship on the ground, are just some of the things that keep me from sleeping at night.
But with all that, a piece of my heart will be left in Saudi Arabia. Jeddah, while not the place I grew up in, is the place I learned how to grow up. Jeddah has witnessed the many transformations I have been through, changing majors, changing life paths, meeting the best friends I’ve ever made, it is home to my beautiful organisation and it is where I first fell in love and went through my first heart ache! I will always look back to my years here and smile.
Life is taking me to special places and I feel fortunate and grateful.
All is good.


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