On parental support

As a child, I always looked up to my parents, seeking their approval for my every move. But whilst growing up and starting to form my own personal views on things, I realized I was seeking their support less and less until the day came that I decided that I would always do what I thought best regardless of what anyone else thought.

Whilst I know that wasn’t easy on them, it didn’t make much of a difference back when how I thought most of the time was similar to their thoughts as they had raised me on certain principles. I feel forever indebted to them for raising me the way they have, that they gave me space to figure things out for myself, risking that I would turn out different.

And the truth is I have turned out different. And now, I feel the challenge with my parents is expecting from them the same support they gave when I was an adolescent and much closer to them in their ideologies and lifestyle.

This all got to me to think about the future Amna, the mother who will one day have to “let go” of her grown up children and allow them to be different to her. Not just allow, but to actually encourage and support their growth, that could potentially be in a different path to her own.

How do parents do it?

I think that is the greatness of parenthood, you grow while letting your young ones grow. You build your own life and then leave parts of it for your children to customize, and you love. You love, unconditionally.

As scary as parenting sounds, I can’t wait till the day I have children of my own. I will accept the challenge of being an awesome parent, and give them the best of what I know about this world and let them learn the rest.


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