Manal AlSharif released

I know a lot of people are happy about Manal AlSharif being released, but I felt the urge to remind them all that she is on bail. Yes, al7amdulila she has been bailed out by her father, but this does not mean that our battle is even almost over.

We demand the charges pressed against her be dropped. We demand the right to move around freely and drive ourselves to wherever we want to go. We demand the right to travel as freely as any other citizen. We demand the right to marry whom we wish. We demand the right to vote in all electoral bodies in the country, in exactly the same way our male counterparts do.

I’m very happy about the release of Mrs. Manal, I’m sure the comfort of her home is a much better place for her than jail. But let’s not forget our true battle. Unless the charges pressed against her are completely dropped, unless we are given our rights, we shall not be calmed by the euphoria of temporary freedom of Mrs. Manal.


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