Eid wishes

Eid has always associated with unfortunate events for me, I can’t exactly grasp why but that’s how it has always been. There is even a clear and defined state of mind I call “nakad al3eed” roughly translated into Eid grumbles. It could also be identified as Post-Ramadan-Symptoms.

I wish the following four days pass by without me even noticing them, I hate how slow and painful they are. I hate how everyone is a social hypocrite and I especially hate fake smiles and pretending to be happy about this.

I wish they invented a time machine so I can just go straight to the 5th day of Eid and not have to worry about going through all this.

I like to be productive, I like to work, I like to make something out of my days on Earth, and these four days just seem to prevent that every single year.

So yeah, my Eid wish this year is that I never have to live through another Eid again..


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