Gaza Fever vs. World Cup Fever

I guess its pretty obvious from the title of the post what I wanna talk about today.

Just a little under a month ago, the freedom flotilla took off from Turkey heading to Gaza to break the siege enforced on Gaza and its residents since early 2008. We all saw how people got really excited and feverish about it; some changed their profile pictures on MSN and facebook and dedicated the tweets and statuses all to this wonderful humanitarian cause and I guess this fever was somewhat praised by many of us.

And then a little over a week ago, South Africa held the World Cup of 2010, and everything changed, all the fanaticism in us was aroused and the World Cup fever started spreading like fire within us, and I realized that some of us were upset by this.

To anyone who was upset because the World Cup fever stopped the Gaza flotilla rush, I would like to console you. I would also like to assure you that the World Cup fever is a very normal phenomena that is not only expected, but also justified. Football is not a cause that has to be on our minds every minute of every hour of every day. It is just one of those events that we allow ourselves to indulge in every four years, and it is perfectly normal.

However, we cannot say this about the Palestinian cause. We need true supporters for the cause, and not just  people who when provoked by any new updates, will lose their excitement in a week or two. Gaza cannot be forgotten. The occupied lands cannot be dealt with excitement alone. The Palestinian refugees cannot be let free from our minds. So, what we need for this cause isn’t those who would treat this cause as they do the World Cup. No, we need those who are willing to live, die and give their all for it. We need supporters that can teach this cause to others and do not need to be taught about it. And finally, we need sincere people, people who do not go to sleep at night before thinking about every single person killed from this tragic siege; a siege history and the world have not seen anything like before. We cannot forget the children whom have been orphaned, injured or killed. Not in Gaza, not in Iraq and not in Quwaiza.

And until we can develop into those kind of supporters, please don’t judge anyone who calls Forza Italia.


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