Controversy I: Advise Yourself Before Advising Others

I know I haven’t been active in my blog (and other blogs at that) recently, but starting today and for another 4 weeks, I will start writing a series of blog posts about certain controversial view points that come across my mind.

I’ll start each one with a true story that happened with me and then go on to discuss the issue, however I would like to stress that my critique is strictly to the situation and not personal at all. So, if you know me and think the story may be about you, please don’t take it personal.

A few days ago, we had Intellect first season’s closing ceremony. Because our sessions were quite serious, we believed that the best way to end the season was through doing something fun, so we had a Fun Day at a private beach, with BBQ, soap soccer field and swimming pool games and activities.

As most of us all know, last week, the Freedom Flotilla heading to break the siege on Gaza was attacked by the Israeli army and some of the humanitarians of the boats were killed, while others were held captive by the Israeli government.

Among those who were held captive was a good friend of mine, Kuwaiti Haya Al-Shatti.

After news of her arrest went out, a few girls (some of whom have never replied to any Intellect invitation) called me and asked that I cancel the Fun Day because of these recent attacks and I had politely told them that it wasn’t possible. However, I felt it was necessary we do something for this humanitarian cause. After discussing the issue with Intellect team, we decided that instead of making a passive change (canceling the event), we would make a more active change by continuing the Fun Day and holding a solidarity workshop in the beach and raising awareness among those who didn’t know anything about the case.

The interesting thing was, I had spoken to every single person who had advised me to cancel the event after we made the alterations to invite them to attend the Fun Day and participate in the workshop, and one of the girls simply replied that she had a dinner party the same day which meant she couldn’t attend!

Now, I was honestly quite shocked by her answer! Hadn’t she just told me that it would be “inhumane” and “rude” to continue with a Fun Day after what had happened?

I really believe that we have a serious issue in our society, that simply gives everyone and anyone a right to pass judgment on others and hold guardianship over them, while forgetting that in the meanwhile, others are passing judgments on what they are doing and saying.

I am appalled to say the least that this girl is one of whom calls herself the “leading generation”, a girl who sees in herself a role model for change in society.

I really believe that we have to educate ourselves in human relations, dynamics and social ethics, especially if we want to start a positive change in our society. We can never move this society forward unless we, the active youth, take ourselves up the ethical ladder and know the “how to” deal with others the correct and appropriate way.


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