What is going on

We now have a fan page for people to join about Intellect 🙂 [click here]

Please check it out and get in touch via email..

Also, Izzaty Islamy Third Youth Conference will be held in Dar Al-Hekma this Thursday, from 8am-11pm. It’s only for girls but they always provide good material, so check that out too..

I went to the book fair held in Riyadh last week, and became overwhelmed  not only by the quantity and quality of publishing and books, but by the crowd; it was literally packed! The sight of all those people from all sorts of different cultural and social backgrounds inside the book fair really made me proud.

Although not everything is going as planned today, I can’t help but feel a sense of pride and happiness; Saudi Arabia is really coming around (socially if not anything else). People are really going out and about and doing stuff.

Maybe I don’t make any sense but I’m really tired. Goodnight xx


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