Kuwait Day VIII

Can you believe the week has ended already?!

As I said from my earlier post, I woke up startled to find out that I had fainted into a deep sleep that lasted almost 7 hours! I think I may have broken a record as I usually never ever sleep more than 3-4 hours daily. I called Renad to see what the girls had agreed on and she told me that most of them wanted to do some book shopping but that all of them were packing their bags and getting ready for check-out. We agreed that her group of girls would pack their bags and put them in the bus and go ahead and go to the book stores and the rest would take their time while they finished. By 10.30 am, we had all taken out our bags to the bus and I had finished checking out.

I sent them all to Le Notre for a delicious brunch while I went with Dalal to get the cake I had got for the girls celebrating the end of the trip successfully. We reached Le Notre at around 11.30 am to find it against Le Notre’s policy to allow cakes into the place!

So I kept the cake in the car and we started wrapping up. We made a video of everyone’s last words, feedback and suggestions and then we headed to the airport where we all checked in our luggage and agreed on meeting at Caribou Cafe.

There, we got out the cake (see image below) and made our party in the middle of the airport!

"Intellect 1st camp" cake

I got all the participants Wesal 2 album as a personal gift and then came the unexpected surprise! All the participants had chipped in to get me a present! They way they presented it to me really bought tears to my eyes. I still get speechless every time I look at it (see images below).

Aigner gold earrings

We ❤ Amna t-shirt :$

After the hugs and farewell, we got into the plane and left Kuwait at 3.00 pm.

Truly, I feel blessed that my first experience as a group leader in a trip had ended with all the beautiful memories, the smiles and laughter, the midnight PJ parties, the friends and the bonds… and thank God, minimal casualties 😉



8.00 pm at my house


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