Kuwait Day VII

Its Wednesday today, which means the last day of the conference. It also means that tomorrow we are all heading back to Jeddah (already!).

We only had one lecture in the morning and then we’re free till 6.00 pm, when the closing ceremony starts. So at 1.00 pm, we headed to my dearest friend and sister Anan’s house to meet the group she is president of, BE. Lovely girls are the Kuwaiti’s. They are so sincere and caring, its not really good for you when you start getting used to it. We played a few games and activities then we had some lunch, then we headed to Sara’s house to hear about Haya’s experience with Viva Palestina, the 3rd International lifeline convoy led by Mr. George Galloway.

We then headed back to the conference to listen to Abdulkarim, Haya’s brother’s, lecture about our stance on Gaza and the Palestinian cause.

The rest of the group stayed at the conference to watch the conference surprise, which was the attendance of famous Monshideen (Nasheed singers) to sing a few songs (see image below) and the closing ceremony of the conference, which was a operette, talking about the life of our Prophet Mohammed PBUH.


I however, not being very fond of the Arts, went out with Anan. We had dinner at Paul’s patisserie at Al-Koot mall. The scene was also a sea front. It was pretty cold but overwhelming nonetheless.

I came back to the hotel at 11.00 pm and called to find out that the operetta had still not ended so I ordered some pizza for the girls and fainted, literally.

I woke up the next morning to find myself on the couch, in my clothes, and that the girls had come in to my room, eaten and basically had a party all the while I was asleep right next to them on the couch!



7.18 am


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