Kuwait Day VI

Today was what we may call a “personal-request day”. We woke up as usual and went to the conference till 2.00 pm, then we went to get one of the most tasty sushi I have ever had in Maki Marina. The restaurant is located at the end of a pier so the view was absolutely refreshing, and the weather just made it perfect. We took lots and lots of pictures outside in the beautiful weather. Sumaya, my sister, was the groups photographer (see image below).

Sumaya the photographer

After Maki, all the girls went back to the conference, except those who had “personal-requests” and I had to stay with them. First, we went into Marina mall for those who needed to do some shopping there. Then I took Hanadi and Widyan to Kuwait Towers as promised. Then, we took Hanadi back to the rest of the group and me and Widyan went to Avenues again because Widyan didn’t like the shopping in Marina. To be honest she had a point, Marina was about as big as my house, whereas Avenues is as large as the district I live in 😉

We finished just in time to get some dinner for the girls and come back home.

Tomorrow is the last day of the conference, is it just me or this trip going way too fast?



10.56 pm


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