Kuwait Day V

Today went by pretty quickly, we all woke up and had breakfast by 10.00 am, then headed to the conference. We stayed there till 1.30 pm then we went to Avenues mall, where we agreed on watching a movie, having lunch at the food court and perhaps do a little bit of shopping, under one condition, we finish at exactly 3.30 pm.

Two of the girls, Zaina and Malika, wanted to watch Avatar and since the next show started at 3.30 pm, we decided that everyone else would stick to the plan and me and the two girls would watch Avatar (2nd time for me, I was happy though) and catch up with the girls later.

So at 3.30 pm, I made sure the rest of the group were all on the bus heading back to the conference and we stayed until the movie ended at 6.04 pm. Then, the two girls wanted to do a little shopping that went on a little longer than anticipated, meaning we only finished at around 8.30 pm. We headed back to the hotel and told the bus driver to come pick us up at 10.00 pm.

At 10.00 pm, we went to pick the girls up from the conference and went to have dinner at Chocolate Bar in Marina Crescent. Obviously, the desserts were delicious!! (see image below)

"Forget love, I'd rather be dipped in Chocolate"

By the time we arrived home at 12.30 am, we were all beat!

Good night



12.43 am


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