Kuwait Day IV

We woke up at 9.00 am, had breakfast and were all in the bus by 10.00 am *salutes my punctual team* heading to the conference. We only attended the first lecture then left to go to Fatma’s Deewanya (yet again) to meet Imam Amir Abdul Malik, a muslim activist from Oakland, California (see image below).

Imam Amir Abdel Malik Ali

Imam Amir Abdel Malik Ali

He spoke to us about the story of Malcolm X, his soul leader, his own story of how he converted to Islam and his views on different world issues and his forecasting for the world’s future. He had such a unique way of grabbing our attention that we didn’t want him to stop talking. The discussion lasted 2 hours more than it should have, but we didn’t complain.

We had lunch quickly then headed off to Paintball Kuwait, and my oh my was that fun!! (see image below).

Paintball Kuwait

Paintball Kuwait

The next lecture in the conference was cancelled so we went to the sea front near Sharg Soug. The view in the pier was beautiful at sunset (see image below).

Kuwait Pier at night

Kuwait Pier at night

We then headed back to the conference and as soon as the last lecture finished at 10.30 pm, we went to Al-Mayass, an Armenian restaurant to taste their famous cherry Kebab.

When we reached the hotel at around 11.45 pm, Nosaiba told us all that her sister Asmaa had just graduated so she had brought a lovely cake to celebrate it with us (see image below).

Asmaa's graduation cake

What a beautiful end to a beautiful day.



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