Kuwait Day II

I didn’t get any sleep last night.. I woke Fatma from 8.00 am and told her to come pick me up to look for better hotels, as the one we we’re supposed to stay in was not as clean as in the pictures. So we checked out and went hotel searching from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm till we found a good place that is still within budget!

We had lunch at Johnny Burgers (see image below) with Mrs. Salma Al-Essa, a controller at the State Audit Bureau and also a founder of an NGO related to the TI. We talked about how we can introduce social responsibility from the individuals and not just corporations, as corporate social responsibility is just a different form of marketing and doesn’t always give society the primary concern, whereas when an individual is concerned with the society’s welfare, that person usually doesn’t have anything to gain but the development and improvement of his/her society’s status.

Johnny Rockets

After that we went to the local fish market, a HUGE place with all different kinds of fish and sea creatures all put on display in the most beautiful presentation. I’m going to leave you with a few pictures of the place.



Sea Snakes


Flourescent Fish

Fish Market

Then we went to the airport to receive all the participants at 8.30 pm, by the time we came out of the airport, it was already 10.15 pm. The first meal in Kuwait was something called “nakhi” and “khobz regag” which is a traditional Kuwaiti chickpeas plate eaten with a crepe-like bread. We ate in a place called “Yom Al-Bahar” which is on the seafront. The weather was amazing.

We just got back to the hotel to get some rest as we have a long day in front of us tomorrow.



11.53 pm


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