Kuwait: Day I

At King Abdul-Aziz International airport from 9:45am, I know I’m late! Nonetheless, I thankfully managed to check in and even board the plane early.

We arrived at 2.00 pm, despite being hungry, we decided to check in the hotel first then head off for lunch, which we did thank God. We had lunch at the one and only Slider’s Station which I highly recommend to anyone visiting or residing in Kuwait (see image below).

Yummiest burgers ever!
Slider’s Station, Kuwait

As we were heading out of the restaurant, I saw a small gun place right next door! We went inside and asked for the most powerful weapon he had, he showed us it but told us that as women, we aren’t allowed a license to use shotguns. I tried aiming with it (see image below), and found out that it was quite heavy, and that it isn’t as easy as it looks on TV. I know it looks fake but its the real deal!

Amna and the shotgun!

Then we went to 360°, the mall is literally a circle, to watch Avatar in IMAX 3D theatre! That was amazing, I ABSOLUTELY loved it. I cannot even begin to describe how amazing the movie is, so yeah, finally! I took a picture of Lubna in the 3D glasses they handed out (see image below)!

Inside the IMAX 3D theatre

Then after we did all the things I wanted to do, I decided to start arranging for the group’s arrival tomorrow with a stash of goodies and snacks and midnight treats. I only came out of the supermarket one and a half hour later with THIS (see image below).


And now I’m getting ready for tomorrow, a few more preparations and reception of 18 girls, all of whom have put their trust in little ol’ me to feed, nurture and shelter them for the next 6 days, gosh I’m so excited!

Good night :*


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