The Beginning

I have pondered this option for a while; blogging. Finally today I have gathered enough courage to start.

Before I post any new blogs, I would like to set a few ground rules for me and anyone willing to take part here. These ground rules represent the basic values and ethics of a decent human being, so here goes:

1- Respect. No matter how hard it is to keep a straight mindset when expressing negative thoughts, let’s try and respect that which differs from us and be courteous towards it.

2- Responsibility. I am responsible for every letter typed with my name below it. What I write represents me and only me, don’t you agree?

3-Integrity. Nothing is worse than typing  a sincere statement in an uncivilized way than typing an incorrect statement. What we say should represent us to the core. There is no room for falseness or delusions between us.

4- Proficiency. There is a saying for our blessed Prophet Mohammed PBUH which goes (roughly translated) “God expects every one of us to perfect his actions”. We must search for the cross-road between perfection, idealism and realism.

I know that I will not add to this blog as many posts as I would like to, but I promise that when I do, I will do so well.

God bless,



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